Community Healing

Urban Peace Movement’s Community Healing programming provides access to culturally relevant healing practices to communities of color most impacted by systemic trauma and gun violence. 

Heal-R-Town -A monthly intergenerational healing circle event that focuses on healing practices. ⁠This is a collective sharing space, with a popular education model. The more health and wellness we can generate together, the more equipped we are to face the days ahead.⁠ JOIN US: Heal-R-Town – Friday, March 24, 2023

Scratch and Fade – A healing and wellness festival designed to destigmatize healing in Oakland communities by introducing non-traditional healing modalities into joyful events that bring together hip-hop and free nail and barber appointments. JOIN US: Our next Scratch & Fade – Sunday, March 12, 2023!

Healing circles and community vigils – When our community members experience trauma and grief from gun violence, we support them and help channel their grief towards healing. 

Past UPM Healing Programs – Administered a Community Healing Mini-Grant Program to support grassroots healing efforts led by Oakland community members. 

UPM staff also work with our youth members to impact cultural norms related to community healing and peace-promotion throughout Oakland. UPM youth members receive training on how “cultural norms” and “culture change” relate to violence and peace-making, and through this experience they are substantially more adept at identifying “cultural indicators” of violence and peace. UPM members plan culture change/narrative change projects and events in the Oakland community, and mobilize their peers and community members to participate. As we continue to expand our healing programs, UPM is working to develop its capacity to evaluate social emotional learning outcomes among young people who participate in its programs.