Group Photo

DetermiNation Black Men’s Group, a brotherhood circle held jointly by Urban Peace Movement and the United Roots Center, is a cultural healing and social justice program for young Black men aged 16-25 who are formerly-incarcerated or have been near or involved in the “street life.” The group meets weekly to foster leadership development, social justice education, cultural healing, and a sense of community. DetermiNation members also participate in a Social Justice Organizing Committee to create organizing campaigns at the state and local level to end mass incarceration and increase opportunities for young men of color in California. The group also receives media arts training through the United Roots Center in filmmaking, graphic design, and music production. The group has produced impact media and messaging campaigns focused on the health and achievement of young men of color as part of the California Endowment’s Sons and Brothers Campaign, The Alliance for Boys and Men of Color, and other local and statewide campaigns including a DetermiNation poster series that was turned into bus transit billboards throughout the City of Oakland. The lead staff member for the program is Dieudonne Brou. Check out some of DetermiNation’s work here: