Criminal Justice Advocates Release 100-Day Agenda for New Alameda County District Attorney

January 3,2023

The Alameda County DA Accountability Table Urges Newly Sworn-in DA Pamela Price to Enact 7-point Agenda


Oakland, CA – Today, on District Attorney Pamela Price’s first day on the job, the Alameda County DA Accountability Table released a 7-point agenda of transformative policies and practices which they hope the newly minted DA to commit to within the first 100-days of her tenure. The first 100-day agenda urges DA Price to focus the county on comprehensive, and often community-based, violence prevention strategies and away from the failed ‘tough on crime’ approaches that have heavily criminalized Black and brown communities.


The Alameda County DA Accountability Table release the following joint statement:

“Alameda County voters spoke loudly through the ballot in favor of a new District Attorney who ran on a platform to challenge the status quo and further new and alternative approaches to safety, justice, and comprehensive solutions for community safety. While we congratulate DA Price today, we also offer her office the opportunity to engage systems-impacted community members in collaborative work to increase public safety. We hope to act as an instructive resource, urging the DA-elect to consider community-led policy suggestions over failed, punishment-based non-solutions. “During the first 100 days of DA Price’s tenure, our coalition of advocates will hold her administration accountable to commitments made during the campaign, including community calls for decarceration, decriminalization, and accountability. Only then will voters and systems-impacted folks know that DA Price is the change we’ve been waiting for.”

The advocates’ 100-day agenda includes many points also reflected in DA Price’s 10-point platform on which she campaigned, including urging Price’s Office to:
  • End youth criminalization and transfers to the adult court system.
  • Decline to charge low-level misdemeanors and felonies
  • Increase and prioritize the use of diversion programs.
  • End the use of sentencing enhancements.
  • Commit to review all requests for resentencing.
  • Take immigration consequences into consideration in reviewing cases.
  • Hold police officers accountable for illegal conduct.


The coalition also urges the DA’s office to increase transparency by enhancing data collection and sharing their policies, practices, and outcomes with the public.


The Alameda County DA Accountability Table, a coalition of local community-based organizations committed to ending mass incarceration, eliminating racism from the criminal legal system, and police accountability, plans to meet with District Attorney Price and her office over the coming weeks to discuss the details and plans for the agenda being shared. Spokespeople, including advocates, legal and policy experts, and systems-impacted community members, are available upon request.