Culture Change Campaigns

Campaign(s): Past Campaigns

It is not enough to just change policies to improve the lives of Oakland’s most vulnerable community members. We must also work to build a culture of peace in the face of violence and structural inequality.

Members of Peace in Action and DetermiNation design and implement projects each year to improve the way that community members relate to one another and to change the cultural norms that govern our communities – including the impact of trauma on our communities.

Past projects have included community events, youth summits, and media messaging campaigns.

Determined To” was developed by the 2014 DetermiNation cohort to shift the negative stereotypes of young black men. This campaign included a poster series, biographical documentary shorts, and full size ads at popular bus stops throughout Oakland. To learn more, visit: “”.

Stop the Killing, Start the Healing” was a messaging campaign created by the 2011-2012 Peace in Action cohort to highlight the impact of gun violence on the young people of Oakland. This poster series depicted UPM youth members holding portraits of loved ones lost to gun violence. The campaign caught the attention of Oakland city staff, who then spread the message of healing throughout Oakland via billboards. To learn more visit: