Know Your DA Month of Action

March 3,2022


With primary elections around the corner in June 2022, it’s crucial for community members to understand the power a District Attorney holds, including the concrete policies and practices they can shift to reduce the criminalization and incarceration of our communities.

Join UPM along with partners for a #KnowYourDA month of action, an educational and action-oriented focused month that will break down the policies and practices the current Alameda DA and any future DA can implement immediately to end mass incarceration.

Each week UPM will highlight the practices of Alameda DA as well as introduce solutions such as resentencing, releases, diversion, alternatives to incarceration, decline to charge practices, and ending the prosecution of youth.

Get involved and follow our month of action:

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  • Stay up to date with the calls to action for each week on our social media and in this toolkit