CA Prop 47 Implementation & Ala. Co. Criminal Justice Policy

Campaign(s): Current Campaigns, Justice Reinvestment

Urban Peace Movement (UPM) is on the Steering Committee of a newly formed coalition called the Alameda County Justice Reinvestment Coalition (this newly formed coalition was created when we merged an existing coalition called AC3JR, that worked on AB109 implementation, with a more recently formed Prop 47 implementation table) to advocate for effective local implementation of Prop 47 reclassification and for a Justice Reinvestment Fund for the cost savings from Prop 47, as well as to advocate for changes to the Alameda County juvenile and criminal justice system that move us away from punishment and mass incarceration and toward prevention, investment, and rehabilitation. UPM and other members of the Ala. Co. Justice Reinvestment Coalition have been hosting monthly Prop 47 Service Fairs and have reached 1000 Alameda County Residents so far. The Coalition is also planning a “Justice Reinvestment Summit” to take place in late February to launch our regional policy advocacy strategy.