Statement from UPM: Alameda County Voters Are Clear: They Want a New Direction

November 19,2022

On Tuesday, November 8, Alameda County voters spoke loudly through the ballot in favor of new leaders who ran on platforms to challenge the status quo and further new and alternative approaches to safety, justice, and comprehensive solutions for safety for our communities, that include mental health and economic solutions, as well as:

  • Increased use of pre-plea and other diversion opportunities for both youth and adults
  • Humanizing young people and prioritizing healing instead of punishment and trauma

From a new Sheriff to a new District Attorney, the 2022 election offers a real opportunity for change for young people of color, their families, and communities that have historically borne the brunt of failed criminal justice policies. These elections were an opportunity for community members to have their voices heard and to demonstrate, through their vote, their frustration at failed policies which have criminalized Black communities and other communities of color for too long. These results mean we have a historic opportunity to shape the future of our communities.

Urban Peace Movement looks forward to working collaboratively with incoming Supervisor Lena Tam, incoming District Attorney Pamela Price and their staff to shift the county away from the failed ‘tough on crime’ approaches that heavily criminalize Black and brown communities and focus on comprehensive community-based violence prevention strategies, including the approval of a county-wide table to reimagine youth justice. New DA Pamela Price’s 100-day plan can also play a key role to redefine justice in the communities most affected by violence. 

We are ready to reimagine youth justice alongside our new county leaders.