Healing the Healers

In 2015, UPM coordinated a pilot project called Healing the Healers under the East Oakland Building Healthy Communities Initiative. Healing the Healers was created to provide healing circles for youth workers who are often the first line of support for young people in crisis.

Participants in Healing the Healers have the opportunity to learn more about the nature of trauma, to get perspective from their peers on issues that are emerging in the work, and to receive some support for their own personal self-care and sustainability.

In healing circles, youth-workers learn self-care techniques to manage the secondary trauma they experience. And, they are able to introduce some of the self-care techniques and practices into their own work with youth.

The circles are led by experienced facilitators who combine clinical expertise with traditional cultural healing practices to establish a dedicated space for healing.

You can download a copy of the Healing the Healers report here.


Here is what one participant had to say about the need for Healing the Healers:

“It’s hard to be able to teach someone how to heal if you haven’t learned how to heal yourself. Now I can help others through something I have gone through; every time we tell our stories we heal.”